Top Aqua Tech’s main state-of-the-art production centers located in Thailand including a Nucleus Breeding Center for P. Vannamei. We maintain the highest biosecurity measures to ensure that our shrimp continue to exceed expectations. Utilizing strict sanitation such as foot baths and hand-washing stations, as well as constant surveillance and security measures, we are able to maintain a controlled and sanitary environment for our shrimp.
The main facilities and the NBC are located in Chachoengsao while another two farms are in Sattaheap, Chonburi Thailand. Currently, Top Aqua Tech has the capacity to produce and ship about 100,000 commercial broodstock per year.  This facility is an ideal biosecure and strategic location to serve the Asian markets and provides comprehensive support and technical expertise to our customers.

The farms in Chachoengsao is 40 mins away from the Suwarnnabhumi airport while the other two farms in Sattaheap is just 20 mins to U tapao airport thus, shorten the standby time before ship to the customer.

 Two of the adult shrimp farms are located in Sattaheap, Chonburi, Thailand. These two farms also receive the juvenile shrimp from the farm Ban Pho and continue culturing according to the selection program to get a healthy fast growing adult broodstock. Viruses and EHP screening also held every two weeks. Also, samples are collected to a third-party laboratory

 The First farm in Chachoengsao called ‘farm Ban Pho’ where broodstock fry is cultured until a juvenile stage. This farm acts as a juvenile shrimp distributor.  Intense Selection program is done at this farm to ensure only fast growth shrimp is selected to further culturing process. Before doing that, the sample has to be collected for Viruses and EHP screening by a third-party laboratory apart from our regular screening program which is held twice a week to ensure that the broodstock is healthy and disease free before distributing over to another two farm.

 NBC and Maturation Farm Top Aqua Tech’s production centers located in Thailand  including a Nucleus Breeding Center for P Vannamei and Maturation farm.

 The second farm is also located in Chachoengsao and is called ‘farm Klongna’ where it is an isolated farm and is far from other farming activities. This farm will receive the juvenile shrimp from the first farm and continue culturing according to the selection program to get a healthy fast growing adult broodstock.


 At top aqua tech, we are aware that EHP has create the most devastating damage to the shrimp culturing industry so we came up with a design of a system to continuously eliminate most of the sediment from uneaten feed, shrimp’s feces and other impurities in the culturing pond water out of the system in every ten minutes. This will ensure that there is no EHP contamination in the system.
We also have applied the ultrafiltration technology to the water conditioning process which can filter microscopic germs that are hazardous to aquatic animals before clean water is released into the system and has used biotechnology to treat used water and circulate instead of replacement of water from outside, to have sustainable and environmental-friendly shrimp culture.
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