At Kung Siam Hatchery, we have develop our own white shrimp (Vannamei) breed from high-quality parent stocks, resulting in strong shrimp fry that is free of virus, resilient to diseases, high survival rate, and fast growing. Kung Siam hatchery facility is in Chachoengsao Thailand to provide high quality shrimp seed to Thai farmers. The seed is produced in accordance with best management practices to ensure consistent quality. With the production capacity of 30million post larvae 12 per day, Kung Siam is one of the top PL provider in the east of Thailand.
We also have applied the ultrafiltration technology to the water conditioning process which can filter microscopic germs that are hazardous to aquatic animals before clean water is released into the system and has used biotechnology to treat used water and circulate instead of replacement of water from outside, to have sustainable and environmental-friendly shrimp culture.
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